Having gas in the tank

Sometimes the best thing we can do is rest. When we rest, it clears the mind, gives an opportunity to get perspective and improves our stamina.

If you are so busy and feel like the hamster on the wheel, you have not taken time to rest. You will find the answers will come to you quicker after you rest.

Whether you are celebrating on July 1 or 4, I wish you a great time.

Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Which Do You Need to Work On?

This article gives you 12 measures to self assess your capabilities as leader…with or without the title. I have worked with many people who I would call key influencers on projects who made them successful and they did not carry the title of project manager, director or vice president. They would likely score highly on all EQ capabilities.

Happy Friday.

Emotional Intelligence

The Value of Life Long Learning

So why don’t more of us seize that opportunity? We know it’s worth the time, and yet we find it so hard to make the time. The next time you’re tempted to put learning on the back burner, remember a few points:


When you invest in the stock market, real estate or a business, there are risks. When you invest in your education, you are in total control.


If you don’t think you are addicted, just try to turn your phone off for the afternoon and your drive home from work or leave it at home for a day. See if you don’t feel just a moment of panic at some point.

This should be a must read for everyone who is getting their first cell phone..or upgrading their current phone. That is basically almost everyone on the planet.