The state of the PeopleSoft Market today

Check out the summary of today’s PeopleSoft market from Patrick Donlin, President of Sales/CEO at Heartland IT Consulting at the PeopleSoft Re-Connect conference hosted by Quest international users group. The event was on July 17-20 in Rosemont Illinois.  

Spending in different places

Australians are buying more new cars than ever before….that’s good but wages have not gone up and savings are disappearing. If you don’t think this is important, just remember that Ford was number 4 in 2016. Bloomberg Aussies buying Cars

Lithium and economics 101

Lithium is the key ingredient to batteries today. Its extraction, refinement, and entry into the supply chain is wonderful example of economics 101 with three countries holding half the world’s deposits. This is a fascinating story on multiple levels.

Mobile Labour

It is no easy feat to get a work visa either in Canada or the USA and with the opening up and re-negotiating of NAFTA, uncertainty abounds. Here is the short list of all the goods and services that will likely change with the new trade agreement. NAFTA checklist: From dairy to liquor, a handy guide …

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