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Finding the right tools to manage a big project can be fraught with politics, price constraints, and just what you are ‘given’. Sometimes is just comes down to what the PM is familiar with. Sometimes it is proprietary software that is mandated to be used either by the implementer or record, the PMO, client or a particular department. Certainly, there will be a mix of MS Project, multiple versions of Excel spreadsheets on a SharePoint site, maybe some powerpoint and a bug tracker tool. It seems that the choice is usually ‘what we used last time’ or ‘there is no budget for a software solution’.

Well, I am checking out ProjeQtOr to see if it is up to the job. All in one program, it does the project planning, manages resources, costs, risks, quality tracking, bug tracking, task and bug assignment and progress tracking, and it installs on a Windows server. Oh, did I mention that it was free & open source (sure to fit in anyone’s software budget)?  And before you say, ‘training cost’, look me in the eye and say you are not going to have to spend some time training someone on MS Project, share point or all those Excel spreadsheets. And there is the cost of all those licenses and IT time to install and manage security access. Then there is all that time spent each week updating status’, generating reports, managing file versions, recalibrating milestones with change orders…..I think you can get the picture.

Fair & Open disclosure: I have no connection or receive any benefit from the software developer….other than maybe a future project that is a little better tracked & reported on. Then again, we all benefit from that.

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